One of the major highlights of my year in 2019 was the opportunity to go to Finland. And there were so very many things to appreciate, but something that particularly delighted me was the Finnair NOW/HERE campaign that set the tone for my trip:

Nordic happiness is an experience of being one — with nature, with others, with time. It’s about getting lost and finding yourself. Because sometimes you have to travel to nowhere to be now here.

The concept of being now/here struck me as absolutely essential to career exploration. If you are truly allowing yourself to be…

design by Segun Adesina

Why a story approach to career?

Because stories show you (and the world) who you are and what you can be and do.

It is with stories that we inspire ourselves and one another to do great things.

Story Awareness

Stories are a choice. The stories that you tell and the ones that you choose to listen and pay attention to give you a sense for what’s possible.

But they are so ubiquitous, they become invisible. And so too their power.

Such it is that by becoming more aware of stories — and how you use them — you start…

photo by Oliver Petry from Pexels

The Windows and Mirrors in Career Conversations

Reflecting on the value of networking lately, I have been trying out an application of the metaphors of Windows and Mirrors from Emily Style’s approach to designing a reading curriculum. Students need both — stories can function “both as window and as mirror, in order to reflect and reveal most accurately both a multicultural world and the student herself or himself.” …

Anna Marie Trester

Interactional sociolinguist and story listener.

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